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Preface Biotechnology represents an interface in Biological and Allied Sciences and it has created unprecedented opportunities for developing products and processes by using biological agents and rendering services in Science and Engineering. Today, Biotechnology is an emerging field in the scientific era. Biotechnology term was coined in 1919 by a Hungarian engineer called Karl Erely. The studies on genetics by Gregor Mendel using see and plant experiment at the end of 19th century, gave the first indication of the cross from traditional to modern biotechnology. James Watson and Francis Crick discovered the structure of DNA and the way genetic information is passed from generation to generation that begins the manipulation of genes from living organisms in more precise and controlled ways in the modern biotechnology. Biotechnology can be summarized as the manipulation of living organisms to produce goods and services. Modern biotechnology comprises of the areas viz. molecular biology, genetic engineering, biochemistry, environmental science, microbiology and so on. Biotechnology has the potential applications in agriculture, pharmaceuticals, industrial product and processes including environment protection and control. Today, biotechnology research is playing a vital role in sciences, engineering and technology. This subject is being taught to Biosciences, Life Sciences, Environmental Sciences and Biotechnology in various discipline viz. Science, Engineering and Technology. However, the terminology involved in Biotechnology is new to scientists, engineers and technologists working in the area of Biotechnology and related fields. Therefore, if was left essential to compile glossary and illustrations to convey the appropriate meaning in easiest and effective language to the biotechnologists. The Dictionary on Biotechnology would serve as a resource reference to the graduates, postgraduates, research students as well as to the faculty, industrial personnel working in the area of Biotechnology. M.H. Fulekar
Acknowledgements The Hon ble Vice-Chancellor, Dr. Vijay Khole has kindly approved the proposal for undertaking the project for writing Dictionary of Biotechnology. The encouragement and motivation given by the Hon ble Vice-Chancellor is greatly acknowledged. Hon ble Dr. A.D. Sawant, Pro-vice-chancellor is always encouraging the activities in innovative areas. I am grateful to his constant support and blessings. The encouragement received from my family members in particular my wife, Dr. Mrs. Kalpana Fulekar and my children Jaya, Jyoti and Vinay is acknowledged with love and affection. The constant support and encouragement received from my brothers namely Dilip, Sacchidanand and Pawan is also acknowledged. It is worthwhile to mention that without the support of my family members it would have not been possible to write this book. The research scholars Ms. M. Geetha and Ms. Dipty Singh have constantly worked with me for the collection of data, compilation, putting up the biotechnology words in more appropriate and meaningful ways. The efforts put in by the research scholars for binging out this Dictionary of Biotechnology by compiling the terms in the areas of Molecular Biology, Biochemistry, Environmental Sciences, Microbiology including Biosciences in useful manner for their best utility and application in the emerging areas is outstanding. Therefore, is was felt essential as part of my duty to acknowledge and keep them as co-author Dictionary of Biotechnology . The contribution of the research scholars in particulars Ms. Anamika Singh and Ms. Jaya Sharma is also acknowledged. This dictionary is an outcome of the joint efforts put in by author and co-authors and the Almighty s blessings. M.H. Fulekar
Dictionary of Biotechnology
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Publisher IK International
ISBN 978819074 6298
Author MH Fulekar
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