Comprehensive Biotechnology

Comprehensive Biotechnology

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Publisher Vikas Publishing All Biotechnology books by Vikas Publishing
ISBN 9788121919876
Author: KG Ramawat, Shaily Goyal
Number of Pages 721
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Comprehensive Biotechnology by KG Ramawat, Shaily Goyal
Book Summary:

Plant Biotechnology has been introduced as a full course in undergraduate and postgraduate classes of several Universities. Plant Biotechnology has become a very diverse subject and the literature is not available to the students and teachers alike. In recent years enormous data are generated and also compiled in the form of reference books. It is difficult for the students and teachers to have access to this information at one place in consolidated form. The exorbitant price of the reference books is also a limiting factor in developing countries in obtaining required information. Therefore, an attempt has been made to make available all the information in one book at relatively affordable low price to students and teachers.

Audience of the Book :
This book Useful for B.Sc. And M.Sc. Students.
Table of Content:

1. Introduction To Biotechnology

2. Macromolecules

3. Concept Of Gene

4. Plasmids And Vectors

5. Principles Of Recombinant Technology

6. Gene Integration And Expression Vectors

7. Tools Of Molecular Biology

8. Polymerase Chain Reaction

9. Molecular Markers

10. Mapping The Genome

11. Advance Biotechnology

12. Introduction To Plant Tissue Culture: History, Media And
Culture Initiation

13. Techniques For The Study Of Cells

14. Cell Immobilization And Synthetic Seed Technology

15. Plant protoplasts: Isolation, Culture And Somatic Hybridization

16. Haploids

17. Secondary Plant Products: I Classes And production

18. Secondary Plant Products: II Factors Affecting The production in culture

19. Bioreactors

20. Application Of Plant Biotechnology In Plant Pathology

21. Micropropagation, Somatic Embryogenesis And Somaclonal Variation

22. Automation In Plant Propagation

23. Methods Of Gene Transfer

24. Transgenic Crops

25. Impact Of Plant Biotechnology On Agriculture And Industry

26. Molecular Farming

27. Microarrays

28. Metabolic Engineering

29. Functional Genomics

30. Downstream Processing

31. Animal Cell And Tissue Culture

32. Hybridoma Technology: Production Of Monoclonal Antibodies

33. Transgenic Animals

34. Cloning Animals, In Vitro Fertilization, Tissue Engineering

35. Stem Cell Bioengineering

36. Gene Therapy

37. Human Genome Project

38. Studying Proteins

39. Protein Folding And Targeting

40. Site- Directed Mutagenesis And Protein Engineering

41. Protein Profiling, Protein Microarray And Proteomics

42. Mass Spectrometry

43. Enzyme Technology

44. Protein -protein Interactions

45. Biotechnology In Biodiversity Conservation

46. Bioremediation

47. Biofertilisers And Biopesticides

48. Biofuel

49. Biosafety Science

50. Industrial Fermentation

51. Intellectual Property Rights And Biotechnology

52. Bioinformatics

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