Comparative Politics And International Relations For ICS Main Exam

Comparative Politics And International Relations For ICS Main Exam Comparative Politics And International Relations For ICS Main Exam Sample PDF Download
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PREFACE TO THE THIRTY-FIRST EDITION PREFACE TO THE THIRTIETH EDITION The latest edition of this volume is in the hands of our valued readers. We have thoroughly readers.. Many new developThe latest edition of ments were witnessed by authors been added, wherever they were needed. The success of sake updated it. Facts and data have of this volume and so, they chose to pen them down for the this of the eliteevident from thethe Indian genre. The authors hope that readers would also enjoy these volume is reading class of fact that its twenty-ninth edition has been published by the publisher. updations as much they International Relations IR them. be underscored in the present era, The importance of enjoyed writing and editing cannot The chief crises before the mankind are religious to survive or grow. Egypt and social There given that many nations of the global are struggling stability, economic stabilityis burning. stability.aMany environmentalists can also raiseMubarak has been thrown out of its Thus, we gamut. In is demand for democracy there. Hosni the issue of environmental stability. political have four issues the crisis at all global forums. AllUN hasissues emanate from these prices have shot up. Many Syria, to tackle has deepened and the other decided to intervene. Fuel four basic paradigms. Our people areare trying to linkwhat ever has beenwith economic ones. Thus, thethese days. The war in countries not happy with political problems happening around the world situation has become Gulf seems a Greekafter the that is going on massacre of the US stock India does not haveuncertain more complicated tragedy February 2008 and on. Africa is hungry. markets. These are adequate monsoons. Saudi Arabia and Iran are fighting against each can make peoples and societiesof the times by any norm. IR can help the world remove friction. It other. You look at any corner more globe andand tolerant. Under the aegis maddening strife, whoseresolved across the table. Political amicable you would find strife there, of UN, all issues must be hues may be different but which have just one aim decimation of the mankind in toto. We must reverse processes of destruction diplomacy must be used to diffuse political crises. Once they are resolved, economic crises would around the automatically. back the mankind towards positive energy realms. We must support blow away globe and take Life, not Perdition The author has made intense efforts to their best volume. produce a DTP book. However, publisher and press personnel have givencreate a fineinputs toFurther, the goodstaffs of the publisher mistakes may have crept ingiven their best inputs to errors. We good book. However, some some and press personnel have due to human or machine produce a request our valued readers mistakesout the same. They would be incorporated in the next edition of this volume. readers to to point may have crept in due to human or machine errors. We request our valued point out the same. They would be incorporated in the next edition of this volume. Author AUTHORS
PREFACE TO THE FIRST EDITION In view of the revised curriculum for the Civil Services Examination a need was felt to bring out a book on INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS strictly in accordance with the syllabus of the Union Public Service Commission. This book has been written strictly according to the syllabus. An endeavour has been made to present the issues in their entirety starting with the genesis of the problem till the present state of affairs. The book has been specially designed to cater to the needs of the candidates opting for International Relations. The authors do not claim any originality and their main effort has been to bring out relevant facts from a plethora of information to meet the requirements of the candidates appearing for the Civil Services Examination. The book will also be of interest to the general reader because it covers a wide range of subjects of current international importance. Suggestions for further improvement of the book are welcome and shall be gratefully acknowledged and incorporated in the next edition.