UGC-NET/JRF Education (Paper II)

UGC-NET/JRF Education (Paper II) UGC-NET/JRF Education (Paper II) Sample PDF Download
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Publisher: Upkar Prakashan
ISBN: 9789350133828

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PREFACE Education is a liberating force, and in our age it is also a democratising force, cutting across the barriers of caste and class, smoothing out inequalities imposed by birth and other circumstances. Human life which is the best creation of God, has two aspects the biological and the sociological or cultural. While the former is maintained and transmitted by food and reproduction, the latter is preserved and transmitted by education. The post-independence period has witnessed in all round colossal upheaval in the spheres social, political, economic and educational. The traditional system of education is an anarchronism, to be replaced completely by a truly national system. We now need to redefine the aims of education for democratic India, and to have a comprehensive plan for educational at all levels. On the one hand, we need to preserve our cultural traditions, and on the other hand, we need to solve all over present problems with a modern and scientific approach. The philosophical background of our education will be more or less oriental in character, but the means and methods of implementing our educational ideals will be modern. The ardent task of our educational thinkers is, therefore, to redefine our educational theory and plan educational practices completely in harmony with the theory. The present book UGC Education Paper-II has been written according to the latest syllabus of the examination. The sections that are covered in the syllabus for the subject are 1. Philosophical Foundations of Education, 2. Sociological Foundations of Education, 3. Psychological Foundations of Education and 4. Methodology of Educational Research. Most of the UGC JRF NET SET aspirants can barely afford sufficient time to thorough all the listed references. It is here that this handy compendium, a product of several year s intelligent research and labour will be found the most reliable friend, philosopher and guide by the UGC aspirants who wish to zoom ahead of their competitors who have toiled through burning mid-night lamp reading volume after volumes of educations book. Work smarter and not necessarily harder is the dictum of the present day successful candidates. This mantra can be clearly seen to be operating in every page of this book. A careful study of the previous year s question papers would reveal that in Education the variation of the questions is very high. The topics in the book are so designed and selected that every possible variation of the questions is covered. It will provide you wider choice in framing your answer. The scientific approach of this book has deliberately been made success-friendly. The book is written in an easily digestible and reproducible format. The simplicity and lucidity of the language is bound to make the study of the subject easy and understandable. We shall feel grateful to the readers if they send us their valuable comments, so that further improvement may be made in the forthcoming editions of the book. Author
Previous Year s Solved Paper Unit-I Philosophical Foundations of Education .. . ..
Multiple Choice Questions
3 111 91
Unit-II Sociological Foundations of Education .. ... 112 203