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CA Foundation Business Law Preparation With Subject Expert CA Ganesh Narwade

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Author: Ganesh Narwade
Subject Business Law
No of Classes 46 Days Classes
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I am Ganesh Narwade. Cost Accountant by Profession, Teacher by Passion. I teach tax and law subjects for CMA, CA, CS.
I also take the Placement Training, Student Counselling, and Faculty Development Programs in various colleges.
I have 10 years of Experience in Teaching.
"Every person has their own problems but one who face and overcome the problems will lead to success.
By a student to profession, I had many up and downs in many situations. My focus and dedication reached me to this position".
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CA Foundation-Business Law (60 marks)
      Indian Contract Act,1872
Ch-1 Nature of Contracts 
Ch-2 Consideration
Ch-3 Other Essential Elements of contract
Ch-4 Performance of Contract
Ch-5 Breach of Contract and its Remedies
Ch-6 Contingent and Quasi Contracts
      Sale of Goods Act, 1930
Ch-1 Formation of Contract of Sale
Ch-2  Conditions and warranties
Ch-3 Transfer of Ownership and Delivery of Goods
Ch-4 Unpaid Seller
      Indian Partnership Act,1932
Ch-1 General Nature of Partnership
Ch-2 Relations of Partner
Ch-3 Registration and Dissolution of Firm
The Limited Liability Partnership Act, 2008
The Limited Liability Partnership Act, 2009
The Limited Liability Partnership Act, 2010
Companies Act 2013
Companies Act 2014
Companies Act 2015
Companies Act 2016
Companies Act 2017
Companies Act 2018
CA Foundation Business Law (60 Marks)
Total Number of Tests – 10
Indian Contract Act-3
Sale of Goods Act-2
Indian Partnership Act-1
Limited Liability Partnership Act-1
Companies Act-1
Grand Tests-2