Biology For Medical Entrance (All in One)

Biology For Medical Entrance (All in One)

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Publisher SChand Publications All Biology books by SChand Publications
ISBN 9788121935234
Author: Santosh Kumar Srivastava
Number of Pages 1615
Edition Second Edition
Available in all digital devices
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Biology For Medical Entrance (All in One) by Santosh Kumar Srivastava
Book Summary:

It is now four years since the first edition of this Biology Book appeared. Biological science is developing very rapidly, and during these years a burst of knowledge has been introduced. This has made a new edition desirable and I have taken the opportunity to make many revisions. Most of the chapters in this edition have been rewritten according to the new syllabus released for Medical Entrance. Articles have been extensively updated with emphasis on recent trends of Medical Entrance Examinations. Most diagrams have been replaced by better ones and several new diagrams have been introduced to explain the intricacy of the article. This edition continues the original intention to provide a generic textbook that presents fundamental concepts. The entire text in this revised edition retains the objectives and format of the first edition. Thanks to all our readers who appreciated our efforts for providing this unique kind of book. The usefulness and need for a book of this style, organization and contents, have been increased by current trends of entrance examinations.

Audience of the Book :
This book Useful for NEET, AIIMS etc. Competitive Exam.
Table of Content:

Study of Life

1. Nature and Scope of Biology

2. Understanding Life

3. Atoms, Molecules and Life

4. Tools and Techniques

Diversity in Living World

5. Classification of Organisms

6. Viruses and Prions

7. Kingdom Monera

8. Kingdom Protista

9. Kingdom Fungi

10. Kingdom Plantae: Lower Plants

11. Kingdom Plantae: Higher Plants

12. Kingdom Animalia: Protostomes

13. Kingdom Animalia: Deuterostomes

Structural Organization in Animals and Plants

14. Plant: Morphology and Modifications

15. Plant Tissues and Primary Growth

16. Anatomy of Flowering Plants

17. Secondary Growth in Stems and Roots

18. Animal Tissues and Body Organization

19. Cockroach: Morphology and Systems

Cell Structure and Function

20. Biological Molecules

21. Energy, Enzymes and Catalysis

22. Cell Membranes: Structure and Function

23. Organization of the Cell

24. Cell Division and Cell cycle

Plant Physiology

25. Transport in Plants

26. Mineral Nutrition

27. Photosynthesis: Light and Life

28. Respiration: Liberation of Energy

29. Plant Growth and Movements

Human Physiology

30. Homeostasis and Thermoregulation

31. Digestion and Absorption

32. Breathing and Respiration

33. Body Fluids and Circulation

34. Excretory Products and Their Elimination

35. Locomotion and Movement: Muscles

36. Locomotion and Movement: Bones

37. Neural Control and Coordination

38. Sense Organs and Sensory Functions

39. Chemical Coordination and Regulation

40. Immune System and Body Defense


41. Reproduction in Organisms

42. Sexual Reproduction in Flowering Plants

43. Human Reproduction

44. Embryonic Development

45. Reproductive Health

Genetics and Evolution

46. Mendelian Inheritance

47. Chromosomal Basis of Inheritance

48. Molecular Basis of Inheritance

49. Gene Expression and its Regulation

50. Human Genetics

51. Recombinant DNA Technology

52. Origin of Life and Concept of Evolution

53. The Mechanism of Evolution

54. Adaptation and Speciation

55. Human Evolution

Biology in Human Welfare

56. Human Health and Diseases

57. Improvements in Food Production

58. Microbes in Human Welfare

59. Applications of Biotechnology

Ecology and Environment

60. Organism and Environment

61. Community Interactions

62. Ecosystem: Structure and Function

63. Biodiversity and its Conservation

64. Environmental Issues

Appendix : Author’s Diary

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