• Biology Experiments For Class 11
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Number Of Experiments : 49

Biology Experiments For Class 11

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List of Experiments
Compound Microscope Experiments
Morphology Of Bacteria Fungi And Plant Groups Experiments
Study Of Animals Experiments
Plant Tissues Experiments
Animal Tissues Experiments
Modification Of Root Experiments
Modification Of Stem Experiments
Modification Of Leaf Experiments
Inflorescences Experiments
Flowering Plant Study Experiments
Anatomy Of Stem And Roots Experiments
Herbarium Sheets Experiments
External Morphology Of Animals Experiments
Osmometer Experiments
Imbibition Experiments
Distribution Of Stomata Experiments
Transpiration Experiments
Respiration In Seeds And Flower Buds Experiments
Anaerobic Respiration Experiments
Phototropism Experiments
Apical Dominance Experiments
Transpirational Pull Experiments
Human skeleton Experiments
Joints in human skeleton Experiments
Plasmolysis Experiments
Glucose Benedicts Test Experiments
Glucose - Fehlings Test Experiments
Sucrose - Benedicts Test Experiments
Sucrose - Fehling Test Experiments
Starch- Iodine Test Experiments
Protein - Biuret Test Experiments
Protein - Xanthoproteic Test Experiments
Solubility Test Experiments
Sudan III Test Experiments
Action of Amalyse on Starch Experiments
Effect Of Temperature On Amylase Experiments
Effect Of pH On Salavery Amylase Experiments
Urea - Urease Test Experiments
Urea - Biuret Test Experiments
Sodium Hypo Bromit Experiments
Benedict's Test Experiments
Fehling's Test Experiments
Seliwanoff's Test Experiments
Nitric acid ring Test Experiments
Heat coagulation Test Experiments
Sulpho salicylic acid Test Experiments
Lugol's iodine Test Experiments
Gmelin's Test Experiments
Fouchet's Test Experiments
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