Behaviour Based Safety In Organisation

Behaviour Based Safety In Organisation
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Behaviour Based Safety In Organisation by H.L. Kaila 
Book Summary:

Twenty-five safety awareness surveys of organizations in various locations in India reveal that the level of safety awareness among managers is within the range of 75 85% and among non-managers it is within the range of 70 80%. Hence there is a scope of nearly 25 30% improvement in safety awareness level of employees. The present treatise is concerned with human safety in understanding and application of the concept and process of behavior based safety for correcting unsafe behaviors for reduction of accidents and promoting safe behaviors for developing injury-free culture in organizations.

Audience of the Book :
This book is based on experiential learning through conducting a number of BBS workshops and safety awareness surveys in Indian organizations.
Key Features:

The main features of the book are as follows:

1. The book brings forth the need for behavior-based safety, how these can be implemented, and the nuts and bolts of BBS.

2. Practical problems and how these can be overcome in implementing a sound BBS system has been covered in-depth.

3.Useful appendices include BBS quiz, checklists, feedback on BBS workshops, material for BBS posters and banners, a case of BBS, pointers, and summary sheet.

Table of Contents:

1.Behaviour Based Safety (BBS) in Organizations: An Overview

2.People-Based Safety

3.Defining Behavioral Safety

4.BBS Myths

5.BBS experiences

6.How does BBS work?

7.Why Organizations interest in BBS?

8.Outcomes of a BBS project

9.Psychology of BBS

10.What BBS is not about?

11.Implementation problems in BBS

12.BBS Readiness Survey

13.Behavioural Safety Observation Process

14.Managers’ Role in Developing BBS Culture

15.BBS Steering Committee

16.What’s Involved in a Full BBS Intervention?

17.Main steps of a true BBS approach

18.Practicalities of BBS Approach

19.Major Highlights of BBS