Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence
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Artificial Intelligence by Ela Kumar
Book Summary:

Artificial Intelligence is an emerging discipline of computer science. It deals with the concepts and methodologies required by computer to perform an intelligent activity. The spectrum of computer science is very wide and it enables the computer to handle almost every activity, which human beings can. It deals with defining the basic problem from viewpoint of solving it through computer, finding out the total possibilities of solution, representing the problem from computational orientation, selecting data structures, finding the solution through searching the goal in search space dealing with the real world uncertain situations, etc. It also develops the techniques for learning and understanding, which make the computer able to exhibit an intelligent behavior. The list is exhaustive and is applied nowadays in almost every field of technology.

Audience of the Book :
The book is primarily developed for undergraduate and postgraduate engineering students.
Key Features:

The main features of the book are as follows:

1.The book covers the entire gamut of AI, starting with the development of the field and the nature of AI, through particular techniques, applications of AI, culminating with expert systems.

2.Has dedicated chapters on Knowledge Engineering, Logic, Natural Language Processing, and Uncertainty among others.

3.A lot of worked examples are embedded in the chapters and end-of-the-chapter exercises.

4.Many real-life examples are used to clarify the intricate concepts.

Table of Contents:

1. Introduction

2. Problem Solving through AI

3. Heuristic Search

4. Introduction to Knowledge

5. Logic

6. Advanced Knowledge Representation

7. Programming Languages

8. Reasoning with Uncertainty

9. Natural Language Processing

10. Machine Learning, Planning and Understanding

11. Applications of AI

12. Expert Systems References Index