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  • Description
Ancient India by V D Mahajan
Book Summary:

Good book to get the basic idea of the ancient history of the country. Gives different perspectives of an event, ensuring the reader gets a much more complete and wholesome picture.

Key Features:

The main features of the book are as follows:

• Balanced account of historical transition from ancient to middle ages

• Insightful interpretation of evidential sources, theory and disputations

• Interesting exposition of specific cultures and political, social, cultural, linguistic and economic developments

Table of Contents:

• Introduction

• Sources

• The Pre-Historic People

• Pre-Historic Races and Cultures in India

• The Harappa Culture (The Indus Civilization)

• The Aryans

• The Vedic Literature

• Rigvedic India

• Later Vedic Civilization

• Age of the Sutras • Epic Age

• The Age of Dharma Sastras

• The Caste System

• Jainism

• Buddhism • Ancient Indian Polity

• Condition of Northern India (From 6th to 4th Century B.C.)

• The Rise of Magadha • India and Persia

• Alexander's Invasion of India

• Chandragupta and Bindusara

• Asoka (273 B.C.-236 B.C.)

• The Mauryan Administration

• Culture and Civilisation During the Mauryan Age

• The Sungas and Kanvas

• Social, Religious, Economic and Cultural Conditions in Post-Mauryan Times (187 B.C. - 320 A.D.)

• The Satavahanas or Andhras

• The Bactrian Greeks in India

• The Sakas and the Pahlavas

• Rise and fall of the Kushana Empire

• India and the Western World

• The Nagas • The Gupta Empire

• India during the Gupta Age

• Ajanta, Ellora, Amaravati and Nagarjunakonda

• The Vakatakas • The Maitrakas and the Maukharis

• Harsha-vardhana and his Times

• Northern India after Harsha

• Social and Cultural Conditions of Northern India (650-1000 A.D.)

• The Rashtrakutas

• The Chalukyas

• The Pallavas

• The Cholas

• The Tripartite Struggle for Supremacy

• The Pandyas • Greater India

• Buddhist Art

• The Sangam Age

• Contribution of South India to Indian Culture

• Republics in Ancient India