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Ancient India

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Publisher SChand Publications All General Knowledge books by SChand Publications
ISBN 9789352531325
Author: V. D. Mahajan
Number of Pages 681
Available in all digital devices
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Ancient India by V. D. Mahajan
Book Summary:

It gives me great pleasure to place the new edition of the book in the hands of the esteemed readers. In the preparation of this new edition, I have taken great pains. The first chapter dealing with Historical Writings on India, Geographical features of India, effect of geography on the History of India and the Fundamental Unity of India has been completely rewritten. The chapter on the Dravidians has also been rewritten with a lot of new information. The chapter on the Harappa Culture has been re-written completely and brought upto date. The latest information on the subject has been included. The Chapter on the Maurayan Administration, Culture and Civilisation during the Mauryan Age, Social, Religious, Economic and Cultural Conditions in Post-Maurayan Times, Social and Cultural Conditions of Northern India between 650 and 1000 A.D. and Republics in Ancient India have been rearranged and put in their proper places. I have added in this edition Social Economic and Religious Conditions in the Gupta Age. The chapter on the Contribution of South India to Indian Culture and the Sangam Age have also been rewritten. I have no doubt that the readers will find a lot of freshness in this new edition.

Audience of the Book :
This book Useful for General Knowledge for Competitive Exam.
Table of Content:

1. Introduction

2. Sources

3. The Pre-historic People

4. Pre-historic Races And Cultures In India

5. The Harappa Culture (The Indus Civilization)

6. The Aryans

7. The Vedic Literature

8. Rigvedic India

9. Later Vedic Civilization

10. Age Of The Sutras

11. Epic Age

12. The Age Of Dharma Sastras

13. The Caste System

14. Jainism

15. Buddhism

16. Ancient Indian Polity

17. Condition Of Northern India (From 6Th To 4Th Century B.C.)

18. The Rise Of Magadha

19. India And Persia

20. Alexander’s Invasion Of India

21. Chandragupta And Bindusara

22. Asoka (273 B.C.–236 B.C.)

23. The Mauryan Administration

24. Culture And Civilisation During The Mauryan Age

25. The Sungas And Kanvas

26. Social, Religious, Economic And Cultural Conditions In Post-mauryan Times (187 B.C. – 320 A.D.)

27. The Satavahanas Or Andhras

28. The Bactrian Greeks In India

29. The Sakas And The Pahlavas

30. Rise And Fall Of The Kushana Empire

31. India And The Western World

32. The Nagas

33. The Gupta Empire

34. India During The Gupta Age

35. Ajanta, Ellora, Amaravati And Nagarjunakonda

36. The Vakatakas

37. The Maitrakas And The Maukharis

38. Harsha-vardhana And His Times

39. Northern India After Harsha

40. Social And Cultural Conditions Of Northern India (650–1000 A.D.)

41. The Rashtrakutas

42. The Chalukyas

43. The Pallavas

44. The Cholas

45. The Tripartite Struggle For Supremacy

46. The Pandyas

47. Greater India

48. Buddhist Art

49. The Sangam Age

50. Contribution Of South India To Indian Culture

51. Republics In Ancient India

Appendix Modern Historians Of Ancient India

Chronological Table


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