Agricultural Nitrogen Use And Its Environmental Implications

By Y.P. Abrol, N. Raghuram & M.S. Sachdev more
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Publisher IK International All Environmental Science books by IK International
ISBN 9788189866334
Author: Y.P. Abrol, N. Raghuram & M.S. Sachdev
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Number of Pages 553
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Agricultural Nitrogen Use And Its Environmental Implications by Y.P. Abrol, N. Raghuram & M.S. Sachdev
Book Summary:

Nitrogen fertilizers are the inescapable necessity to enhance agricultural production and to sustain food security. However, their inefficient use accrues from inherent limitations of the crop plants as well as the manner in which N fertilizers are formulated, applied and managed. Excessive accumulation of N in the environment leads to soil acidification, pollution of groundwater and eutrophication of surface water, posing a public health problem as well as ecosystem imbalance. Moreover, the ozone layer depletion and greenhouse effects of NOx gases have global implications. Agricultural Nitrogen Use: Environmental Implications provides a comprehensive, interdisciplinary description of problems related to the efficient use of nitrogen in agriculture, in the overall context of the nitrogen cycle, its environmental and human health implications, as well as various approaches to improve N use efficiency.

Audience of the Book :
 This book will be useful for all interested in strategies for rational and effective nitrogen use and in addressing the issues related to environmental degradation.
Key Features:

The main features of the book are as follows:

1. Provides a comprehensive description of the problems of N use efficiency in Indian agriculture, with a special reference to reactive N.

2. Topics vary from plant molecular biology to agronomic management, and include issues related to the role of legumes in nitrogen nutrition, groundwater and air pollution, and human health.

3.Each chapter begins with a summary and concludes the topic at the end.

Table of Contents:

1. Towards an Integrative Understanding of Reactive Nitrogen

2 Indian Agriculture and Nitrogen Cycle 

3 Nitrogen in Indian Agriculture

4 Nitrogen Transformation and Flows in Agro Eco-system an Overview

5 Geospatial Approach to Understand Nitrogen Cycle in India

6 Nitrogen use Efficiency in Rice Ecosystems

7 Fertilizer use Constraints and Management in Rainfed Areas with Special Emphasis on N Use Efficiency

8 Enhancing Nitrogen Use Efficiency For Sustainable Rice Wheat Production System in the Indogangetic Plains of India

9 15 N Studies In Relation to Nitrogen Balance In Cropping Systems

10 Managements Option For Increasing Nitrogen Use Efficiency

11 Importance of Interaction of Nitrogen With Primary and Secondory Micronutrient in Crop Production and Environmental Safety-indian Persepectives

12 Nitrogen use Efficiency Improvement through USG and NSU: Initiative of The Indian Industry 

13 Nitrogen From Industrial Waste as Soil Amendment In Agriculture

14 Improving Nitrogen use Efficiency :Stratagies Tools Management and Policy Option

15 Physiological and Biochemical Aspects of Nitrogen use Efficiency in Crop plants

16 Molecular Approches of Enhancement of Nitrogen Use Efficiency in Plants

17 Role of Legumes in Nitrogen Economy Of Cereals Cropping System-The Indian Scenario 

18 Biological Nitrogen Fixation from Fundamental to field Considerations

19 Biological Nitrogen Fixation and Bio Fertilizers: Status And Prospects 

20 Nitrogen Fixation in Arid and Semi Arid Agriculture:Opportunities And Constraints 

21 Nitrate Pollution of Ground Water Vis-a-Via Nitrogen fertilizer Use In India 

22 N-Fertilizers and Gaseous N-emission from Rice Based Cropping System 

23 N Pool Size Its Reuse and Sustainability Issue of Developing City-Banglore 

24 Nitrogen Cycling and Fluxes in Coastal Ecosystems 

25 Nitrate Toxicity and Human Health

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