ATB of Engineering Mathematics (CUSAT)

ATB of Engineering Mathematics (CUSAT)
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Publisher: Laxmi Publications
ISBN: 9789380856261

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  • Description
ATB Of Engineering Mathematics (CUSAT)
Book Summary:

The book meets the requirements of students of B.Tech. first year classes of Cochin University Syllabus.All fundamentals of the included topics are very clearly explained. Sufficient number of solved examples have been given to let the students understand the various skills necessary to solve the problems. Applications in different Engineering fields and in real life have been incorporated in the text to help to face similar problems.

Audience of the Book :
The book meets the requirements of students of B.Tech. first year classes of Cochin University Syllabus. The underlying object of this book is to provide the readers with thorough understanding of topics included in the syllabus of mathematics for engineering students.
Key Features:

The main features of the book are as follows:

1.This book exactly covers the prescribed syllabus.

2.Its approach is explanatory and language is lucid and communicable.

Table of Contents:

MODULE-I Differential Equations and Applications

1. Differential Equations of First Order
2. Applications of Differential Equations of First Order
3. Linear Differential Equations
4. Applications of Linear Differential Equations

MODULE-II Infinite Series and Power Series

5. Infinite Series
6. Power Series

MODULE-III Parital Differentiation and Co-ordinate Systems

7. Partial Differentiation and Applications
8. Co-ordinate Systems

MODULE-IV Integral Calculus

9. Application of Definite Integrals-Rectification
10. Quadrature
11. Volumes of Solids of Revolution
12. Surface of Solids of Revolution
13. Multiple Integrals

Appendix-I : List of Important Formulae
Appendix-II : Some Important Curves