Tribology (Friction, Wear, Lubrication And Bearing) By Krishan Kant Sharma

Tribology (Friction, Wear, Lubrication And Bearing) By Krishan Kant Sharma
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Tribology (Friction, Wear, Lubrication And Bearing) By Krishan Kant Sharma

Publisher: Laxmi Publications
ISBN: 9789381159613

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Preface I am glad to present the book entitled, Tribology friction, wear, lubrication and bearing for the engineering students of mechanical, civil, automobile and aeronautical. The course contents have been planned in such a way that the general requirements of all engineers, researchers and students are taken care of. because there were problems in recommending any single textbook which containing all the units according to University Syllabus. Existing textbooks were either too specialized or too literal. Many books provided exhaustive reviews of friction, lubrication, bearing and wear data while others provided detailed description of the lubrication and wear problems occurring in machinery. In this book various concepts explained in the simplest possible terms with supporting illustrations and simple diagrams to understand the working of that part topic. The book is written in a simple and easy-to-follow language, so that even an average students can easily grasp the subject by self-study. At the end of chapters many questions and unsolved problems are given to solve. Extra diagrams and last year s University Question papers have also been included where it was found that the readability of the original text could be improved. The subject matter of the book is also relevant to mechanical and materials engineering, applied chemistry and physics courses. I express my appreciation and gratefulness to my parents, publisher, colleagues, friend and students who encouraged me to write this book. Author
Contents Preface
1. Tribology
1 8
1.1 Introduction 1
1.2 Meaning of Tribology
1.3 Learning Tribology
1.4 The Several Disciplines in the Field of Tribology