Electronic Measurements and Instrumentation

Electronic Measurements and Instrumentation
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Electronic Measurements and Instrumentation

ISBN: 9788174091718

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Preface to Fourth Edition This fourth edition is thoroughly revised edition of the book Electronic Measurements and Instrumentation. Objective questions are being asked in the examination in general and competitive examinations in particular. Objective Questions are, therefore, given at the end of each chapter in addition to Review Questions and Exercises. In instrumentation the employment of a digital computer makes processing and controlling of data very fast. The employment of a digital computer for processing of signal information is called intelligent instrumentation. A chapter on intelligent instrumentation is therefore included in the book as Chapter 14. This chapter discusses basic structure of the digital computer. The digital computer operates on binary number system and hence, binary number system is also discussed in this chapter. How digital computer is interfaced with the instrumentation system is also discussed in the chapter.
Preface to Third Edition The third edition of the book Electronic Measurements and Instrumentation includes two more chapters, Chapter-14 and Chapter-15. These additions make the book more attractive. The author hopes that readers would appreciate the effort made by the author. Chapter-14 Microprocessor and its Uses in Instrumentation inluudes a brief description of the microprocessor. It also describes interfacting of the microprocessor. Programmable Peripheral Interface PPI , a single chip interfacing device, is briefly discussed. Microprocessor based instrumentation systems are discussed in the chapter. Measurement of electrical quantities such as voltage and current and their programs are given. In addition, program for measurement of temperature is also given. Chapter-15 Measurements on Amplifiers and Receivers includes measuements of amplification phase shift in amplifiers, Measurements on receivers include measurements of senstivity, v
selectivity and fidelity of receivers. The suggestions by readers are also includes in this edition of the book. The author is thankful to the readers who have given their suggestions and pointed towards topological errors and shortcomings of the book. He tried to remove the errors and shortcomings. However, he will welcome the suggestions from the readers. The author is thankful to Shri Rakesh Kumar, a faculty

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