Programming In C By P. Rizwan Ahmed

Programming In C By P. Rizwan Ahmed
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Programming In C By P. Rizwan Ahmed

Publisher: Laxmi Publications
ISBN: 9789383828326

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About this eBook

his book was developed specifically for freshmen students taking up their first course in programming, but people who are interested in learning C are also welcome to study it. Its aim is to supplement classroom lectures by focusing on C programming. Topics are arranged based on the order of class discussion. I tried my level best to maintain a very simple language throughout the book to enable the readers to understand the concepts very easily. May you learn a lot from the study of this book, and may the knowledge that you have gained be used for the common good of all people. This book is written for the first course on Programming in C. It is very useful to B.Sc. Computer Science, B.Sc., Software Engineering, B.Sc. Information System Management, B.Sc. Software Computer Science, B.Sc. Electronics, B.Sc. Mathematics, B.Com Computer Applications, BCA, M.Sc. Information Technology, MCA, MBA, B.E. B.Tech and AMIE students. Review questions are added at the end of each chapter for practice purpose. This book contains the five chapters are summarized here Chapter 1 covers the Fundamentals of C Programming, Programming Elements, Operators, Expressions, Evaluation of Expressions and Library Functions. Chapter 2 contains Input and Output Statements, Decision-making Statements, and Looping Statements. Chapter 3 contains the functions, categories of functions, various storage classes, and recursion. Chapter 4 covers the Arrays, Structure and Union. Chapter 5 covers the pointers, operations on pointers, files and operation on files. Author
ith its blessings of almighty it gives me a great pleasure to acknowledge our revered President of Ambur Muslim Educational Society AMES AliJanab Alhaj N. Md. Zackriah Sahib, General Secretary, Ali Janab Alhaj Nathersa Md Sayeed Sahib, Correspondent and Secretary Alijanab Alhaj Madekar Nazar Mohammed Sahib, Former Principal, Dr. D. Nisar Ahmed, Principal, Dr. P. M. Aadil Ahmed, M.Com, M.Phil., Ph.D, for their inspiration and encouragement in bringing out this book successfully. I acknowledge our respected Prof. S. Joseph Gabriel, MCA, M.Phil., Associate Professor and Head of Computer Science and Prof. M. Mohammed Ismail, M.Sc. IT ., M.Sc. Phy. , M.Phil., PGDCA, Associate Professor in Computer Science and Chairman, Board of Studies in Computer Science and Computer Applications, Member, Academic Council, Thiruvalluvar University, Serkadu, Vellore, Prof. A. Herani Sahib, M.Sc., M.Phil., Associate Professor and Head of Mathematics, Chairman, Board of Examiners in Mathematics, Thiruvalluvar University, Vellore and Prof. A. Zakiuddin Ahmed, M.Sc., M.Phil., M.S, PGDCSM, Associate Professor in Computer Science, and Mr. A. Aqueel Ahmed, B.Sc., B.A., B.Ed., Mazharul Uloom College, Ambur for their constant support in bringing out this book. I also thank my sister Shariha Sahifa and brother Mohammed Ramil, V.I Arshad Azeez for their patience and support extended to me all the times. Author