Programming In C By J.B. Dixit

Programming In C By J.B. Dixit
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Programming In C By J.B. Dixit

Publisher: Laxmi Publications
ISBN: 9789380298399

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About this eBook

fter the tremendous success of the second edition, it is a matter of great pleasure for me to write the preface for the third edition of this book. The most comprehensive, authoritative, and up-to-date book on C programming language. It provides a unique combination of programming and problem solving through C language. This book is written for M.C.A., M.Tech., M.Sc., Engineering, B.C.A., B.I.T., B.Sc., C-DAC, DOEACC O-Level and A-Level, P.G.D.C.A. and other computer programme s students. In addition it can be of great help to those who feel that programming is not their cup of tea. I am sure that the novice will feel quite comfortable after going through the subject matter due to its practicality, readability and correctness. All the programs in this book have been tested on Turbo C compiler. This book is organized into fourteen chapters as per the contents. A brief overview of all the chapters is presented below Chapter 1
Introduction to Problem Solving It introduces the meaning of algorithms, flowcharts, decision tables and their need. The various problem solving methodologies and programming languages are also given.
Chapter 2
Overview of C It includes character set, C tokens, keywords and identifiers. Structure of a C program and its execution are also given. Constants, variables and data types are also explained here.
Chapter 3
Operators and Expressions It discusses the different types of operators available in C, their precedence and associativity. Mathematical functions, header files are also included.
Chapter 4
Input and Output Functions It includes the input output functions. Formatted functions scanf , printf and unformatted functions getch , getche , getchar , gets , putch , putchar , puts are explained in detail. Programming examples are also given.
Chapter 5
Control Statements The if statement, if-else statement, switch statement, loops while loop, do while, for loop, nested loops, infinite loops, jumps in loops break and continue statement , goto statement and exit function are given. Programming examples are also given.