Discrete Mathematics And Structures By Dr. Satinder Bal Gupta

Discrete Mathematics And Structures By Dr. Satinder Bal Gupta
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Discrete Mathematics And Structures By Dr. Satinder Bal Gupta

Publisher: Laxmi Publications
ISBN: 9788131804520

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About this eBook

PREFACE It gives me a great pleasure in bringing out the Sixth Edition of the book Discrete Mathematics and Structures . The necessity for Discrete Structure in Computer Science arises due to selection of certain applications from various areas of the field. As the subject Discrete Mathematics or Discrete Structures is taught in most Engineering Institutions, the students face a lot of problems in this subject as no book covers the whole syllabi and also due to lack of solved problems in the various books. This book is based on the experience gained in teaching a course on the subject. My intention is to cover all topics in the book with a number of solved problems and solutions of the questions from the previous question papers of different universities and other competitive examinations. I am sure that this book will help a student to grip each topic without any difficulty. What is New in the Sixth Edition Many changes have been made in the sixth edition as the goal is to expand the coverage of topics and more examples. New chapters has been added on series and sequences, Automation and languages, Boolean algebra etc. Many new sections in every chapter. Additional problems in every chapter. Multiple choice questions and unsolved exercises. I would seek the indulgence of my readers in intimating me about any error or shortcomings noticed by them in the book. AUTHOR
How to Study Discrete Structures 1. How to Read Math Read slowly actively Make sure you understand everything before reading anything new After reading each sentence, ask yourself Why Do I agree Algorithm for Slow Active Reading See next page, 2. How to Take Notes in Class Copy as much as possible from the board or screen. Copy as accurately as possible. Include what Teacher say but don t write. Use abbreviations Don t necessarily try to understand Write down any questions you have. Then re-write your notes at home, neatly without abbreviations That is when you should try to understand 3. How to Practice Doing Math Do the odd-numbered problems from Text. Work with 1 or 2 other students in small study groups check each other s work. But don t cheat 4. How to Study for Tests Use your recopied class notes, together with your highlighted text and notebook, to make an outline of the material. Solve lots of sample problems. Golden Rule Never read Mathematics. Always solve problems by writing while reading .