Concrete Technology By Dr. Aminul Islam Laskar

Concrete Technology By Dr. Aminul Islam Laskar
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Concrete Technology By Dr. Aminul Islam Laskar

Publisher: Laxmi Publications
ISBN: 9789381159620

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Preface Concrete has become indispensable in construction of modern buildings, bridges, nuclear structures, off shore structures and in many other applications. This is generally preferred for desired strength and high durability during the service life of the structure. Concrete is the second largest material consumed by human civilization now a days just after water. Over the recent years, there is a huge increase in the concrete production throughout the world. The subject has, therefore, been incorporated in various institutes to make this material familiar to students. But the number of books in the market is still limited. Present book has been written in a simple and lucid manner incorporating the recent developments of the subject so that the future engineers are well acquainted with the subject during their undergraduate study. Present book contains fundamentals of the subject concrete technology such as hydration of cement, cement types, concrete making materials, workability, hardened properties of concrete, durability, mix design, chemical and mineral admixtures, special concretes, high performance concrete, self compacting concrete, non-destructive testing, waste materials in concrete. The book will serve as a textbook at undergraduate level in Civil Engineering in Indian Universities, NITs and IITs. In the present semester system of engineering colleges, teachers as well as students should be able to finish the course covering entire syllabus. Present book has been written in a more comprehensive and concise manner suitable for undergraduate students. Moreover, recent and advanced topics have also been included for which students have to refer foreign books quite often. Inclusion of some recent topics particularly self compacting concrete, high performance concrete, rheology of concrete, some sophisticated and special techniques in concrete technology, use of waste materials in concrete are definitely some of the attractions of the book. This comprehensive book will serve as a text and guide book to undergraduate and even postgraduate students, concrete technologists, material scientists, practicing engineers and all users of concrete. If any errors are discovered by readers, I would be grateful to be informed so that future editions may be corrected. Author
1. Introduction
2. Hydraulic Cements
1 4 5 21
Formation of Portland Cement
Composition of Portland Cement

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