Computer Graphics By V.K.Pachghare

Computer Graphics By V.K.Pachghare
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Computer Graphics By V.K.Pachghare

Publisher: Laxmi Publications
ISBN: 9788131805657

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About this eBook

Early Computer Graphics started as a research and application field that was the domain of only a few experts. Nowadays, any person using a personal computer benefits from the developments in computer graphics. Operating systems and application programs with Graphical User Interfaces GUls belong to the simplest applications of computer graphics. Visualizations techniques, ranging from simple histograms to 3D animations showing changes of winds or currents overtime, use computer graphics in the same manner as popular computer games. This third edition of Computer Graphics adds one new contributed chapter and contains substantial reorganizations and improvements to the core material. This book is an extensive and practical collection of articles about computer graphics, accumulating the knowledge and experience in academia The new chapter adds coverage of texture mapping the important graphics applications. I have made a number of changes to the early chapters of the book, integrating my experience of teaching computer graphics. Most of these chapters have been revised and updated, particularly the chapters online generations, 2D and 3D transformations, Multimedia. Some of the original material from these chapters has been reorganized, sometimes with topics appearing in different chapters than in the previous editions. My aim in this reorganization has been to move the elementary material towards the beginning. In all these revisions, we have endeavored to retain the informal, intuitive style of presentation that characterizes the earlier editions, while at the same time improving consistency, precision, and completeness. I hope the reader will find the result is a better platform for a variety of courses in computer graphics. This book is divided into 16 chapters. The brief introduction of each chapter is as follow Chapter 1 gives an introduction to computer graphics and the various systems used in graphics. Chapter 2 gives the fundamental algorithms for line, circle and character generation. Chapter 3 discusses the techniques for filling the polygon. Chapter 4 discusses various graphics primitives and display file concept. Chapter 5 discusses 2-D transformations. Chapter 6 gives window and viewport concept. The various line clipping and polygon clipping algorithms are discussed in this chapter. Chapter 7 discusses the concept of segmentation. Chapter 8 discusses the input output devices. Chapter 9 and 10 discusses the 3-D concept, projections, clipping and various techniques for removing hidden surfaces. Chapter 11 explains the concept of illuminations and the shading algorithms. Chapter 12 discusses curve and fractal generation techniques. Chapter 13, the newly added chapter, discusses the texture mapping. Chapter 14 discusses animations. Chapter 15 gives the idea about the graphics user interface. Chapter 16 discusses the multimedia concept. The solved problems and coding for the algorithms at the end of the chapters helps the students for understanding the concept properly. The exercise at the end of each chapter helps students to review themselves. My experience in teaching the subject has helped me to present a useful combination of theoretical concepts and practical application in this book. I am sure that the text s user friendly approach will encourage the readers to read the book and will make them understand the concept in an easy way. I welcome suggestions for the improvement of the book. Author
ACKNOWLEDGMENT This third edition has been benefitted from review by a number of people. I take this opportunity to acknowledge all of them. I also thank my readers.