VTU Previous Year Question Papers BE CS Seventh Semester Programming the Web Dec 2012

VTU Previous Year Question Papers BE CS Seventh Semester

Programming the Web Dec 2012


Note: Answer FIVE full questions% selecting at least TWO questions from each part.


1 a. What is hyper text? Explain HTTP phases, Mention various methods and status codes of’¬†HTTP.

b. Give the standard structure of XHTML document. How line breaks, headings and fonts are handled in XHTML?


2 a. How lists are handled in XHTML? Design art XHTML code for illustrating nested lists.

b. Design an XHTML code for constructing a sample class timetable to illustrate table handling.


3 a. What are the different levels of style sheets? Give an example code for each.

b. What are the different selector forms provided in CSS? Illustrate the use of each with

suitable example.


4 a. What are uses of Java Script? Are OOP concepts incorporated in Java Script? Mow objects are handled in it?

b.Which are the methods used for accepting inputs from the keyboard and for displaying results on the screen? Write a Java Script tor accepting the user name and display it on the browser window.


5 a. What is an event? List the most commonly used events and their tag attributes.

b. Briefly discuss the event handling from body elements and button elements in Java Script,


6 a. How positioning and moving of elements are done in dynamic XHTML?

b. Flow stacking of elements done in Java Script/XHTML? Write a program to illustrate dynamic stacking of images.

c. What are the standard values for visibility property? How are they used in dynamic XHTML?


7 a. What is a namespace? What is its use in XML?

b. How elements and attributes are declared in a DTD? Give a sample DTD for defining on airplane.

c. Explain the transformation process by an XSLT processor with a flow diagram.


8 a. What are the three categories of Perl variables How are they handled? Give examples.

b. How files are handled in Perl? List File Use Specifications and their meaning.

c. What is a query string? How is it transmitted to the server with the GET and POST methods?

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