Trouble Free C (Book For C-Programming) By H.M.Pandey

Trouble Free C (Book For C-Programming) By H.M.Pandey
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Trouble Free C (Book For C-Programming) By H.M.Pandey

Publisher: Laxmi Publications
ISBN: 9788131805374

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Trouble Free C (Book For C-Programming) By H.M.Pandey

Book Summary:

This book has been written to meet the requirement of the students who want to acquaint themselves with lots of programming examples written in a lucid manner. The book assumes no previous exposure to the C programming language. It also contains some good programming examples, which might be useful for experienced programmers. All the programming examples given in this book have been tested on Turbo C 3.0.

Audience of the Book :
The book 'Trouble Free C' (Book for C-Programming) designed for engineering / non-engineering students.
Key Features:

The main features of the book are as follows:

1.The subject matter of this book has been divided into 17 chapters.

2. Each chapter has been written and developed with immense simplified programs, which will clear the core concepts of 'C' language.questions.

Table of Contents:

1. Setting the Base for 'C' Programming

2. Introduction to 'C'-Basics

3. Introduction to Operators & Expressions in 'C'

4. Decision Making and Branching in 'C'

5. Introduction to Looping Structure in 'C'

6. Working with Arrays in 'C'

7 .Introduction to Functions in 'C'

8. Working with String in 'C'

9. Introduction to Pointers in 'C'

10. Introduction to Structure and Union

11. Introduction to Storage Classes

12. Introduction to File Handling in 'C'

13. Dynamic Memory Allocation

14. Introduction to 'C' Preprocessor

15. Miscellaneous Build-in Function of 'C'

16. Introduction to Data Modifier and Math Functions in 'C'

17. Introduction to Top 'C' Secrets