Trouble Free C (Book For C-Programming) By H.M.Pandey

Trouble Free C (Book For C-Programming) By H.M.Pandey
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Trouble Free C (Book For C-Programming) By H.M.Pandey

Publisher: Laxmi Publications
ISBN: 9788131805374

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About this eBook

PREFACE It gives me immense pleasure in presenting the first edition of the book Trouble Free C primarily intended for engineering non-engineering students. This book has been written to meet the requirement of the students who want to acquaint themselves with lots of programming examples written in a lucid manner. The subject matter of this book has been divided into 17 chapters. Each chapter has been written and developed with immense simplified programs, which will clear the core concepts of C language. This book is especially for those students who are tyro in the field of C programming. Inside the book you will find numerous programs instead of just code snippet to illustrate even the basic concept. The book assumes no previous exposure to the C programming language. It also contains some good programming examples, which might be useful for experienced programmers. All the programming examples given in this book have been tested on Turbo C 3.0. Though there are many books available on C programming but the present book has its own unique quality. I do not claim the originality of the subject matter but I am confident to say that the presentation of the subject matter with complete explanation is my original contribution. All effort has been made to keep this book error free. However, there is possibility that some errors might have crept in inadvertently. I would, therefore be grateful if such oversight are pointed out by the readers. Suggestions for improvement of the text from readers are welcomed. Author
ACKNOWLEDGEMENT First of all, I would like to say thanks to BABA VISVNATH for their constant bless in writing this book. As understanding of the study like this is never the outcome of the efforts of a single person, rather it bears the imprint of a number of people who directly or indirectly helped me in completing this book. I would be failing in my duty if I don t say a word of thanks to all those whose sincere advice to make this book a real educative, effective, and pleasurable. I would like to acknowledge My Father Dr. V.N. Pandey, My Mother Smt. Madhuri Pandey and My sisters Ms. Anjana Pandey, and Ms. Ranjana Pandey and My brother Mr. Man Mohan Pandey. I have immense pleasure in expressing my whole hearted gratitude to Prof. RR Sedamkar Associate Dean, MPSTME , Prof R.M. Samant, Prof. S.B. Patil, Miss Varsha Nemade Lecturer , Mr. Vivek Sharma Lecturer , Miss Malvika Sharma Lecturer , Mr. B. Salendra Senior Lecturer , Er. Ruchika Arora Infosys Pvt. Ltd. for providing helps and guidance during the writing of this book. I also thanks my lots of student whose conceptual queries have always helped me in digging the subject matter deep. I am thankful to all the employees of MPSTME, NMIMS University especially Mr. D. K. Das for their parental support throughout the writing of this book. I also thankful to Mr. Bharat Thodji and Mr. Mahendra Joshi who have been supported me in all types of Lab activities during the writing of this book. How will I forget my close buddy Asst. Prof. Saurabh Banerjee who suggests me the title of the book. I also thanks to the librarian of MPSTME at Shirpur Mr. Anand Gawdekar who provided each and every good book on C timely. Author
f you have no prior idea of programming, software, translators, RAM etc. then you must not skip