Oswaal CBSE Question Bank With Complete Solutions for Class 12 Computer Science Python (For 2017 Exams)

Oswaal CBSE Question Bank With Complete Solutions for Class 12 Computer Science Python (For 2017 Exams)
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Oswaal CBSE Question Bank With Complete Solutions for Class 12 Computer Science Python (For 2017 Exams)

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Stacks List implementation introduction to stack LIFO operations , operations on stack PUSH and POP and its implementation in Python. Converting expressions from infix to postfix notation and evaluation of postfix expression. Queues List implementation introduction to Queue FIFO , operations on Queue INSERT and DELETE and its implementation in Python. Data File Need for non bold for data file, types of data file text and binary, Opening and closing files open , close , access modes output, input, default , file object, access modes, reading and writing a file Read , readline , readlines , write , writeliness file positions seek , tell , renaming and deleting a file.,flush Implementation of basic file operations on text and binary file in Python Creating writing data into file, reading and displaying data from file, searching for particular data from a file, insertion and deletion of data from an already existing file, modification of data in file. Error and Exceptions NameError, IndexError, TypeError, IO Error, ImportError, ValueError, EOFError. Generator function using Yield. UNIT 3 DATABASES AND SQL 20 Theory 20 Practical Periods Data base Concepts Introduction to data base concepts and its need. Relation data model Concept of domain, tuple, relation, key, primary key, alternate key, candidate key
Relational algebra Selection, Projection, Union and Cartesian product Structured Query Language General Concepts Advantages of using SQL, Data Definition Language and Data Manipulation Language Data Types NUMBER DECIMAL, CHARACTER VARCHAR VARCHAR2, DATE SQL COMMANDS CREATE TABLE, DROP TABLE, ALTER TABLE, UPDATE ....SET....., INSERT, DELETE SELECT, DISTINCT, FROM, WHERE, IN, BETWEEN, GROUP BY, HAVING, ORDER BY SQL functions SUM , AVG , COUNT , MAX AND MIN Obtaining results SELECT query from 2 tables using equi-join, Cartesian product and Union. Note Implementation of the above mentioned commands could be done on any SQL supported software on one or two tables. UNIT 4 BOOLEAN ALGEBRA 16 Theory 0 Practical Periods Role of Logical Operations in Computing. Binary - valued Quantities, Boolean Variable, Boolean Constant and Boolean Operators AND, OR, NOT Truth Tables Closure, Property, Commutative Law, Associative Law, Identity Law, In-verse Law, Principle of Duality, Idempotent Law, Distributive Law, Absorption Law, Involution Law, DeMorgan s Law and their applications Obtaining Sum of Product SOP and Product of Sum POS form the Truth Table, Reducing Boolean Expression SOP and POS to its minimal form, Use of Karnaugh Map for minimization of Boolean expression upto 4 variables Application of Boolean Logic Digital electronic circuit design using basic Logic Gates NOT, AND, OR, NAND, NOR Use of Boolean operators NOT, AND, OR in SQL SELECT statements. Use of Boolean operators AND, OR in search engine queries. UNIT 5 COMMUNICATION TECHNOLOGIES 16 Theory 3 Practical Periods

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