ISC Sample Question Papers For Class 12 Chemistry

ISC Sample Question Papers For Class 12 Chemistry
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ISC Sample Question Papers For Class 12 Chemistry

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disappear on shaking the contents of the conical flask. Repeat the experiment to get at least two concordant readings. Tabulate your readings. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------47 ISC SAMPLE QUESTION PAPER 2015
State a The capacity of the pipette used. b The titre value you intend to use in your calculations. Show the titre value to the Visiting Examiner. The equations for the above reactions are as follows 2KMnO4 3H2SO4 K2SO4 2MnSO4 3H2O 5 O 10 NH4 2SO4.FeSO4.xH2O 5H2SO4 5 O 10 NH4 2SO4 5Fe3 SO4 3 10xH2O 5H2O Relative atomic masses K 39 Fe 56 S 32 N 14 H 1 Mn 55 O 16 Calculate the following i The molarity of potassium manganate VII solution C-10. ii The molarity of hydrated ammonium iron II sulphate solution C-11. iii The molecular mass of hydrated ammonium iron II sulphate deduced from the experimental data. iv The numerical value of x. Note Molarity must be calculated upto at least 4 decimal places. Question 2
You are provided with two solutions as follows a C-13 is a solution of sodium thiosulphate of strength 0.05 M b C-14 is a solution of hydrochloric acid of strength 0.05 M. PROCEDURE Take the beakers labelled 1 to 5. Put 0.05 M sodium thiosulphate solution and distilled water according to the following table Beaker Number Volume of 0.05 M sodium thiosulphate ml
1 50
2 40
3 30

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