Physics Class XIIth

Physics Class XIIth
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Physics Class XIIth

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1. Electric charge and Electric Field
1 58
1.1 Electric charges, 1.2 Kinds of charges Attraction and Repulsion of charges, 1.3 Atomic or Electron Model of Electrification, 1.4 Electrostatic Induction, 1.5 Unit of Electric Charge Coulomb, 1.6 Properties of Electric Charge, 1.7 Coulomb s Law, 1.8 Principle of Superposition of Electric Forces, 1.9 Continuous Charge Distribution, 1.10 Electric Field, 1.11 Electric Field Intensity Due to a Point Charge 1.12 Electric Field Intensity Due to Group of Charges, 1.13 Electric Field Lines i.e., Electric Lines of Force 1.14 Electric Dipole, 1.15 Electric Field Due to a Dipole 1.16 Electric Dipole in a Uniform External Electric Field q Miscellaneous Numerical Examples q Exercise.
2. Gauss Theorem
59 90
2.1 Area Vector, 2.2 Sold Angle, 2.3 Electri Flux, 2.4 Gauss Theorem, 2.5 Electric Field Due to a Point Charge, 2.6 Derivation of Coulomb s Law using Gauss s Theorem, 2.7 Intensity of Electric Field Due to a Uniformly Charged Straight wise of Infinite Length, 2.8 Intensity of Electric Field Near a Charged Thin Non-conducting Plane Sheet of Infinite Dimensions, 2.9 Intensity of Electric Field at the Surface of Charged Conductor, 2.10 Electric Field Due to Uniformly Charged Thin Spherical Shell q Miscellaneous Numerical Examples q Exercise.
3. Electric Potential
91 134
3.1 Introduction 3.2 A Concept of Electric-Potential of a Charged Conductor, 3.2 B Concept of Electric Potential at a Point in an Electric Field, 3.3 Definition of Electric Potential Difference and Electric Potential, 3.4 Units of Electrostatic Potential, 3.5 Dimensional Formula and Dimensional Unit of Electrostatic Potential, 3.6. Electric Potential at a Point Due to a Point Charge, 3.7 Potential Gradient, 3.8 Equipotential Surfaces, 3.9 Electrical Potential Due to Spherical Shell of Uniform Charge Density, 3.10 Electric Potential Energy, 3.11 Potential Energy of Electric Charge in an Electrostatic Field, 3.12 Electric Potential Due to an Electric Dipole at a Point on

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