Oswaal Karnataka (SSLC) Sample Question Papers For Class 10 Mathematics For March 2016

Oswaal Karnataka (SSLC) Sample Question Papers For Class 10 Mathematics For March 2016
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Oswaal Karnataka (SSLC) Sample Question Papers For Class 10 Mathematics For March 2016

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PREFACE Since 1966 Karnataka Secondary Education Examination Board has been conducting SSLC and other examinations. Albert Einstein said Education is not the learning of facts, but the training of mind to think . So to train the mind and strengthen the roots of students, the KSEEB implements Continuous Comprehensive Evaluation CCE . The term Continuous in the CCE refers to the periodicity and regularity in assessment and the term Comprehensive refers to overall assessment of the learner, in both curricular co curricular scheme of things. The KSEEB initiated the change and to support it, Oswaal Publications started an exclusive series of books which comprises of Sample Question Papers along with other titles. The thought was to give students enough questions to solve rather than feeding them with answers to memorize. These Sample Question Papers strictly follow the CBSE guidelines, syllabus and marking scheme. This book has a total of 10 sample question papers, out of which 5 question papers are solved, and the answers follow the word limit specified by the KSEEB. The answers have been written in steps and each step specifies marks as per the KSEEB marking scheme. This will enable students to judiciously choose what to write, how much to write and how to manage the task in the allotted time which will reduce their stress during examination. However, as mentioned, Oswaal Publications believes that students should practise with enough number of questions, hence this book has 5 more sample papers which are unsolved and meant for self-assessment. After solving the unsolved sample question papers, students can download solutions from our website and can evaluate their performance. In this way students can take proactive measures for examinations by learning from their mistakes. Each Sample Question Paper covers all typologies specified by KSEEB. Wherever required, well labelled and high quality figures diagrams are given for easy and quick learning. One of the major attractions is On Tips Notes which will help students in revision of the whole syllabus very fast and effectively. At last we would like to thank our authors, editors, reviewers and specially students who regularly send us suggestions which helps in continuous improvement of this book and makes this book stand in the category of One of the Best . Wish you all Happy Learning.
MODEL QUESTION PAPER 2015-16 Solved Issued by KSEEB in October-2015
Max. Marks 80
I. Four alternatives are given for each of the following questions incomplete statements. Only one of them is correct or most appropriate. Choose the correct alternative and write the complete answer along with its letter in the space provided against each question. 1 8 8 1. In a G.P if T2 2 2 and T9 32, then common ratio is .

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