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Mechanical Vibrations & Noise Control eBook By Dr. Sadhu Singh

eBook Code: 6600134
ISBN: 9788174091673
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Mechanical Vibrations & Noise Control eBook By Dr. Sadhu Singh

About The Book

This is a comprehensive text book on Mechanical Vibrations And Noise Control to serve the requirements of undergraduate and postgraduate students in Mechanical, Production, and Aeronautical Engineering. The book deals with the basic concepts of vibrations. Undamped, damped and forced vibrations have been analysed. Whirling of shafts, two-degree, multi-degree and torsional vibrations and approximate methods have been explained. Advanced topics like non-linear vibrations, transient, and random vibrations have been covered in this book. Methods for vibration control, noise control and their measurements have been given. The book contains a large number of solved numerical problems to assimilate the solution methods and exercises for practice. Glossary to terms, multiple-choice questions, and laboratory practice in vibrations are included the end of the book.

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