Group Discussion

Group Discussion
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Group Discussion

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Preface The much sought after volume on group discussion is in the hands of our valued readers. We have tried to give new concepts and strategies so that our readers could succeed in their GD tests with flying colours. Group discussion is the real test of the depth of knowledge, personality, and behavioural skills of a candidate. It is a kind of group communication exercise. We have appended all the vital details of group communication in this volume. Case studies fully support the theoretical base, which has been appended in the first few chapters of this volume. We hope that this volume would prove to be extremely useful to the students of all types of competitive examinations. Some errors may have crept into the volume due to human or machine errors. We would request our valued readers to point out the same and inform the publisher so that the next edition of this volume could become another milestone in the complex realm of group discussion. Happy Reading
A. Kumar Engineering and Management Connoisseur New Delhi
Basic Concepts
1. Motivation, Leadership, and Communication 2. Basic Concepts of Group Discussion 3. Role of Leadership and Communication in GD Sessions
Motivation, Leadership, and Communication
MOTIVATION AN INTRODUCTION In order to get work done from people, a manager has to persuade them to attain their respective goals. A rise in the productivity level is the vital goal of every firm. We know that profit is the ultimate goal of all business firms. All human beings have limitations. They may also have some physical problems while at work. The environment of the work place may also not be conductive for the enhancement of their productivity levels. Hence, the manager is required to motivate them. He has to influence their psyche and actions in such a manner as to ensure that they deliver outputs of good quality according to the pre-defined production or

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