One Word Magic (Word Substitution)

One Word Magic (Word Substitution)
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One Word Magic (Word Substitution)

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ISBN: 9788177292084
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1605 - A, Sector 10 - A Housing Board Colony GURGAON - 122001
Pushkar Dinesh Chandra
As has been mentioned in the Preface, one-word substitution is a unique method of learning new words. You have a definition or description before you and you have to think of a word, or maybe, a small phrase, that best answers, matches or suits it. It is quite likely that some definition or description will bring to mind more than one word or phrase. Read the definition again and more carefully than before and you will certainly home in on the accurate answer. Even if you feel that some other answer is equally appropriate, you can incorporate it into your vocabulary. It is, however, advisable to look it up in a good dictionary and be sure that the answers you have thought of have no difference in the shade of meaning. The definition or description will suggest that the answer should be a noun, an adjective, a verb or some other part of speech. After determining the correct part of speech or form of the word, you can think of its derivatives, if any. Sometimes the answer of a definition that follows the preceding one will be found to be a derivative. This has been done for the purpose of clarity and lucidity. It is not sufficient for you to know the most appropriate word or phrase that matches the definition. Unless you know how to use it in an expressive sentence, it won t serve the desired purpose. Some words and phrases are self-explanatory others have been used in sentences to give you practical guidance. If a particular derivative has a different shade of meaning or is used in a different way, you should take careful note of it. This is not the place where grammatical rules can be discussed at length. Certain broad and general terms should, however, be pointed out. A noun is Countable, Uncountable or both, depending on its use , singular or plural sometimes treated as singular . It can be used attributively or as a modifier. A verb is Transitive, Intransitive or both, depending on its use. In some cases, plurals and feminines need careful attention. Foreign words and phrases call for extra effort. Idioms or idiomatic usages fall under a different category. Certain common suffixes, generally speaking, change the words into nouns, though it cannot be taken as a rule. Similarly, it is easy to know, from the suffix, whether the word is a verb, adjective or adverb. Most of the derivatives can, therefore, be used in sentences without any guidance. Articles, prepositions and tenses esp verb forms pose a problem for learners and this problem should be seriously addressed. What is important, in the final analysis, is how a word or phrase should be used to the best possible effect.

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