Electronic Communication Digital, Analog and Wireless

Electronic Communication Digital, Analog and Wireless
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Electronic Communication Digital, Analog and Wireless

ISBN: 9788174093134

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Electronic Communication: Digital, Analog and Wireless by Sanjeeva Gupta
Book Summary:

This completely revised edition of the book has sought to present the massive transition that has taken place from largely analog communication systems to all-encompassing digital systems. This has been done in two ways.

Firstly, all the chapters in the earlier editions have been totally revised and updated making them technologically relevant to the current status of technologies being deployed.

Secondly, sixteen new chapters dealing with digital communication theory and systems have added. These are Electromagnetic Theory, Information Theory, Coding Theory, Semiconductor Microwave Devices, Pulse Communication, Pulse Code Modulation(PCM), Optical Fibre Communication, Direct Consequences Spread Spectrum Technologies, Digital Telephony, Audio Engineering, Global Positioning System, Data Communication, Digital Telephony, Audio Engineering, Global Positioning System, Data Communication, Digital Satellite Communication, VSAT, Internet and Wireless Communication.

These additions have made the book as the first ever comprehensive work on modern electronic communications.

Audience of the Book :
The Book hopes to meet the requirements of the students studying various telecommunication courses being taught at the engineering colleges in the country. The Book will be highly useful for the students preparing for UPSC Engineering Services Examination
Key Features:

Significant features of the Book are :

  1. It contains a large number of solved examples
  2. Multiple-choice questions at the end of each chapter.
  3. The number of multiple-choice questions is more than 1000.

Table of Contents:

*Introduction to communications systems

*Electromagnetic theory


*Information theory

*Coding theory

*Amplitude modulation

*Angel modulation: FM and PM

*Radio receivers: AM, SSBB and FM

*Transmission lines

*Wave propagation and radiation

* Radiation and antennas

*Waveguides, resonators and microwave components

*Microwave tube oscillators and amplifiers

*Microwave measurements

*Semiconductor microwave devices

*Radar systems *Radio Navigation

*Audio Engineering

*Television systems

*Pulse communications systems

*Pulse-code modulation(PCM)

*Data communication

*Broadband communications systems

*Fibre optics communications

*Error control coding for digital systems

*Direct-sequence-spread spectrum communications

*Digital satellite (Direct-to-home) TV systems and VSAT

*Global positioning satellite systems *Digital telephony


*Wireless communication

*Satellite communications systems

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