Electrical Machinery

Electrical Machinery
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Electrical Machinery

ISBN: 9788174091521

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Electrical Machinery by S.K. Sen
Book Summary:

In this edition I have the author tried to present the introductory to both the approaches, intending to build a synergy of both the approaches, keeping in mind the system, in vogue a decade back, in Indian Universities that steady-state analysis would be mainly covered in the undergraduate curriculum followed by transient and dynamic studies in the post-graduate level.

However, during the last decade or so, there has been a sea change, specially in the Power Engineering curriculum, in view of more and more emphasis on digital electronics and computer, environmental studies.

Table of Contents:
  • Introductory
  • Magnetically Coupled Circuits and Transformers 
  • Field Excitation and Generated Voltage
  • Armature Excitation and Torque in Electrical Machine
  • Flux-  m.m.f. Relationship and Phasor Diagram
  • Steady-state Characteristics
  • Operation and Control
  • Theory of Polyphase Asynchronous Machines
  • Starting, Braking and Speed-Control of Induction Motor
  • Induction Machine for Special Purpose
  • Single-phase Asynchronous Motor
  • Commutator Action 
  • Direct Current Machines 
  • Transients and Dynamics