Database Management System A Practical Approach

Database Management System A Practical Approach
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Database Management System A Practical Approach

Publisher: SChand Publications
ISBN: 9788121932455
Number of Pages: 824
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Database Management System A Practical Approach
Book Summary:

A DBMS forms the backbone of any software project. Without DBMS you risk building a system that is inefficient, slow and unreliable. This is so because DBMS is a second-tier in our multi-tier applications. It is a back-end tool available to us.

Key Features:

The main features of the book are as follows:

1. This book assimilates a comprehensive matter on the subject as it is bolstered with numerous examples.

2. The contents of this book can be used by practitioners to understand the stateof-practice in the software industry.

Table of Contents:

1. Introduction to DBMS

2. Relational Model, Languages and Systems

3. SQL 

4. Normalization

5. Oracle 8 Architecture

6. Transaction Management

7. Concurrency Control Techniques

8. Recovery and Atomicity

9. Buffer Management

10. OODBMS — Object - Oriented DBMS

11. Parallel Databases

12. Web Databases

13. Advanced Topics in DBMS

14. Case Study — Data warehousing and Data Mining