छत्तीसगढ़ शिक्षक पात्रता परीक्षा (प्रथम प्रश्न–पत्र) (कक्षा I – V के लिए)

छत्तीसगढ़ शिक्षक पात्रता परीक्षा (प्रथम प्रश्न–पत्र) (कक्षा I – V के लिए)
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छत्तीसगढ़ शिक्षक पात्रता परीक्षा (प्रथम प्रश्न–पत्र) (कक्षा I – V के लिए)

Publisher: Upkar Prakashan

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1.1 Introduction 1.2 a How to encourage children to learn a new language 1.2 b Motivation 1.3 NCF 2005 and Teaching of English 1.4 Materials and activities to facilitate learning 1.5 How to teach with the help of a text book 1.6 Using children s literature for teaching English Unit 2 Teaching Plan and Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation 2A. Teaching Plan 2A 1. Need of a teaching plan 2A2. Components of a teaching plan 2A3. Format of a teaching plan 2A4. Points to Remember 2B. Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation CCE 2B1. Meaning 2B2. Assessment of learning, for learning and as learning 2B3. Tools and techniques 2B4. Identifying and writing objectives 2B5. The art of asking questioning 2B6. Assessment and Evaluation NCF05 2B7. Plan learning, Plan assessment and expect the unexpected 2B8. Feedback Unit 3 English Grammer 3.1 Numbers, Gender, Articles 3.2 Pronoun, Adjectives, Verb 3.3 Use of some important Conjuctions 3.4 Use of some important Prepositions 3.5 Antonyms, Synonyms 3.6 Pairs of words, One word substitution Unit 4 English Language Comprehension Passage
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